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Please note that some pictures are not perfect, it is our intention to replace the low quality small pictures  with better and larger ones as soon as we can. The small black "x" after a name denotes flowers needing replacement, if you can provide a better picture, please let us know. Thank you.

 Geranium_1  Geranium_2  Geranium_3            
Alcyone Happy Orange Sun Rocket
Artic Star ... x Happy Violet Tuti-Fruiti
Ashley Stephenson Heasup  
Birthday ... x Ivalo  
Blue Moon Jackport Orange Unknown 1
Blush of Dawn Joy  
Carisbrooke Love Song  
Cherry Pointsettia ... x Moon Maiden  
Cherryvale Playboy Lavender  
Dark Morning Glory Purple Bi-Color  
Deacon Constancy Red Soldier  
Fareham Royal Flush  
Frank Headly Shelley ... x  

Updated on 25 Nov 2006